Horse Arenas and Racetracks

Hullah contractors provide you with a full and efficient service from start to finish.

  • marking out the best suited area
  • stripping the top soil
  • excavate site to form level base
  • lay perforated drainage pipe into level base
  • erect fence around perimeter to agreed size
  • lay membrane over full surface area
  • lay clean stone into arena and compact
  • lay membrane over stone
  • lay silica sand or the best surface to suit you

Equestrian Services

Our many years experience means we can offers the best solution to suit your requirements. The menages or gallops that we build are well thought out and use high quality materials to stand the test of time.

We assist with the entire planning process so arenas are carefully built and blend into the surrounding landscape.

Weather it be the size, surface or overall style each client has individual requirements. Our experience in land drainage means we are well equipped to construct a dry surface all year round.